History of Good Work

As an independent, 5th generation family construction company located in Swanville, Maine, Sturgis Construction is regarded as a premium contractor. For years we have done it all. From excavation and restoration projects to masonry, asphalt paving, site work, building new homes and support beams, we’ll build it all. Sturgis Construction has many clients who want to work with just one contractor for all their construction projects. Sturgis Construction is one of the best contractors to offer a range of services - we’ll construct everything from the bottom up. Clients know Sturgis Construction has the expertise to complete multi-million dollar projects as well as serve customers who just need a smaller project realized.

We Build What You Need

Do you have an important and critical project you need to develop? Do you require a contractor that believes your project is as important as you do? Sturgis Construction is that partner. Sturgis Construction builds substantial construction projects throughout Maine using a dedicated, experienced, and caring team, all the while keeping projects at cost and on time. We’ve been doing it all over our great state and into some of our neighboring ones. We’ll build it better, we’ll care more, and we’ll work for you. We’ll work to make your life easier. Call us for a recommendation to see how many people and businesses have already trusted us with their construction. We’re ready to help you.


Construct, Build, Develop

Sturgis Construction is in the business of providing quality construction services at a competitive price. Today, we stand by the value of integrity, and that means not overcharging clients for work they need done. People are always constructing new houses, updating masonry, or renovating existing buildings. That means excavating, building and more. Looking for a leading construction contractor for your new development? Sturgsis Construction has the equipment and expertise you need.

At Sturgis Construction, no job is too big or too small. We have a dedicated team of professionals ready to assist you with building a new home, putting up retaining walls, or finally getting that driveway paved and sealed. From commercial projects to smaller renovations and updates, we’ll meet all your construction needs with just one stop.


Whether you want to finish that garage or put a new addition onto the house, we’re the only one you need to call. Sturgis Construction: we build what you need.

Following is a list of some of our specialties:

  • Residential & Commercial Construction
  • All Renovations
  • New construction/New Homes
  • Asphalt Paving, Driveway Sealant
  • Paving Stone, Concrete & Masonry Work
  • Culvert Replacement
  • Excavation & Demolition
  • Building Retaining Walls & Support Beams
  • All Roofing
  • Asphalt Recycling and Gravel Work